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The first and most important use you are likely to make of a microcomputer is word processing. In this section, we consider how microcomputer word processing can help you get through what is often one of the most difficult stages of a research project: writing the research proposal. Later we shall consider how word processing and related microcomputer text processing programs can assist you in writing the research report. Sometime in their careers most researchers find it necessary to learn to type—even if badly—in order to conduct their work effectively. Many who do and all who do not remain dependent upon the help of a typist to prepare final drafts of their documents. Experienced researchers recognize the tensions and sleepless nights brought on by the struggle to complete a research project proposal in time to make a deadline. The struggle is made all the more difficult by the necessity to ...

Writing the Research proposal.

Using Microcomputers in Research may be used in conjunction with the earlier Microcomputer Methods for Social Scientists (QASS 40) – together they provide a lucid and comprehensive introduction to microcomputing in the social sciences. This book is organized around the research process, taking the reader through the processes of writing the research proposal, gathering data, analysing and manipulating data, and writing the research report.

This template provides guidance on writing the research proposal.

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The research proposal is the initial plan of your thesis project and is written in conjunction with both your NIH and U.K. mentors during August and September during your time at the NIH. The research proposal is your own work. It is essential that all principal parties involved in your research achieve initial agreement on the scope of the thesis project. Writing the research proposal:

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This chapter discusses writing the research proposal and obtaining funding. It includes tips on how to navigate towards funding for a research proposal, and begins by stressing the importance of having a research idea. It also highlights the fact that despite having a good research idea, that does not guarantee that a researcher will get the funding he or she requires.

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