I just finished writing my resignation letter for the OT

It meant we moved from Australia to the UK and, obviously, in the process I gave up my beloved job in Sydney. I cried while writing my resignation letter which was addressed to the wonderfully kind and talented editor who, eighteen months earlier, had gone out on a limb and given me the . Even though I was emotional about leaving I didn't anticipate a difficult road.

In 2011, Franka decided it was time to call it a career.

Today, when I was writing my resignation letter, somehow, in my heart of hearts I was feeling a bit upset. No doubt, wherever I go I will be in touch with you all.

I'm writing my resignation letter tonight

In my last six months, I spent every night writing my resignation letter –editing it, deleting it I’m writing my resignation letter now, I don’t think i would follow this advise since I will never work for this company or any ister or parent company.
My opinion is they need to know how incompetent they are and I’ve never believed their lies…
I am Italian and honor and respect come first, without respect’re not a man.
if you put money ahead of respect for yourself, you will become a slave, not an Employee

I was writing my resignation letter when I got called into the office

Drew, this entry has me writing my resignation letter. I feel such an urge to get back to this lifestyle. Now……..where did I put that scratch-card?…….

Drew, this entry has me writing my resignation letter