JRN 361 - Writing for Advertising 3(3-0)

18 years as a professional copywriter and I still love writing. Bringing a fresh approach to every project and maintaining a sense of humor help to keep things in perspective. My background includes writing for advertising agencies as well as design, beauty/fashion, healthcare, marketing, b-2-b and in-house creative departments (Chicago Field Museum, H2O Plus skincare, Columbia College, Northwestern University).

Greg Hahn of BBDO New York was a BJudge on our Writing For Advertising Jury in 2015

3312. Advertising Writing (3). Prerequisites: Sophmore standing or higher; C or better in ADV 3310; 2.5 TTU GPA. Principles and practice of writing for advertising. Includes writing for internal audiences as well as for various media to meet advertising goals to persuade and inform mass audiences. (Writing Intensive)

Kiss & Sell: Writing for Advertising by Robert A

Kiss & Sell: Writing for Advertising - Robert Sawyer - Google Books opywriting is writing for advertising purposes and should not be confused with , which means to secure the legal rights to reproduce, publish, and sell your work (i.e. writing or art). This collection of copywriting resources shares articles and Web sites explaining the fundamentals of copywriting, writing copy tips for marketing purposes, promotional ads, Web sites, and more.

Principles and practice of writing for advertising

A copywriter based in Suffolk, East Anglia, UK, Chris Steward offers bespoke copywriting training for marketing professionals and non-marketing professionals with a marketing remit. Half-day or one-day training seminars can take place at your offices or at a convenient local venue. All copywriting training is tailored to your needs. Typical modules include: Writing for direct mail and e-marketing, Writing for advertising, Writing for websites, including search engine optimisation techniques, Writing better sales letters and presentations, Writing better press releases and advertising features, Writing newsletters.

COM 383, Writing for Advertising