How to Do a Summary for a Research Paper

When you write a research summary, make sure it does not contain all of your necessary information. While there need to be some facts and allusions to your main point, to keep it short and encourage people to read the whole paper, don't give the entire thing away. Think of it as being like a movie trailer; if it includes the best five minutes, no one will want to see the whole movie, and if they do, they will leave disappointed that you had already spoiled it for them.

When writing a research paper summary, you should first review the paper and extract the main ideas

Are you interested in learning what exactly writing a research summary entails? To write an adequate research summary, it is imperative that you accumulate all the necessary data needed to organize this document prior to writing up any legitimate information. For example, you should have already completed the process of gathering sources before beginning this assignment. Why? Because failure to do so will limit the scope of a research summary, a central component of this type of paper’s success. In fact, failure to identify every source you use in a research summary may result in the paper being handed back to you to be completed a second time.

Guidelines for writing a summary of a text

Among our own courses may be mentioned a proficiency course devoted to writing a research summary And lastly, a good research summary will show how the sources you accumulated will mesh together to deliver a better final research or term paper. It is this aspect of writing a research summary which can pose many problems for students; instead of tackling the question of why the sources many of them choose to use are relevant to prove a larger point, many will simply just articulate the authors they used in their studies.

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How to Summarize a Journal Article