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Degree requirements include 36 credits (12 courses) made up of 18 core credits and 18 elective credits from a prescribed track or the creation of a combination of electives from multiple tracks based on professional interests. A required capstone experience includes writing a professional paper (SWENG 594A) or the Advanced Software Engineering Studio (SWENG 500). A total of at least 18 credits must be at the 500 level.

An emphasis will be put on writing a professional paper on a clinical topic

A professional paper is a piece of research thataddresses a particular subject and offers original insight into or analysis ofthe topic; it is usually not an original piece of research nor does it usuallyinvolve any original data collection. The professional paper should be suitablefor submission to a professional journal or conference with reasonableanticipation that it would be accepted. A professional paper should (1) reviewresearch literature relevant to the subject, (2) offer an originalinterpretation of existing or new data, and (3) introduce new possibilities forfuture study. A professional paper isn’t as extensive as a thesis and thegraduate student is not expected to demonstrate as wide an array of researchmethodology and analytical skills as with a thesis project. Students who anticipate careers in which theywill frequently be called upon to synthesize the research of others or to writereports for clients or executives from existing sources of information/data areencouraged to write a professional paper.

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This book is a good start if you have no idea how to go about writing a professional paper Nursing is a science which deals with the diagnosis of a disease or injury and its treatment through medication or surgery. It is a vast subject containing many complex medical terms which students are not aware of. With Researchomatic’s wide range of sample academic papers on medical topics, writing a professional paper is no longer difficult.

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Study of diseases with emphasis on medical terminology relevant to clinical documentation in inpatient and outpatient health care settings. Course content includes manifestation of disease, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and pharmacology for cardiovascular, respiratory, blood, lymphatic, immune, musculoskeletal, integumentary, and endocrine body systems and sense organs, oncology and psychiatry. An emphasis will be put on writing a professional paper on a clinical topic. Writing is a significant component of this course.

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