Resources for Writing a Professional Business Plan

The first rule in writing a professional business plan says: clarity, focus, see things as they are not as you wish them to be.
A business plan that is properly presented examines the odds and risks directly and objectively, and know how to identify and filter irrelevant wishes and exaggerated estimates.

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Before describing the contents of an e-business plan, this lesson helps you understand how to present the plan. Additionally, the content of introductory materials such as the cover letter and title page is reviewed.The lesson outline is:
The Importance of Business Plan Presentation
Introductory Sections of the e-Business Plan
--Cover letter
--Table of contents
Formatting an e-Business Plan
--Headers and footers
--Page numbers
--Fonts, line spacing, and margins
--Spelling, grammar, and punctuation
Resources for Writing a Professional Business PlanThe Importance of Business Plan PresentationAs with everything else in the business world, its not only what your e-business plan says that is important, how you say it is significant too. Why is presentation important?The business plan may be the first, and only, introduction to you and your business idea that the potential investor will see. While the investor's decision undoubtedly will be based on the merits of the plan, the appearance of the plan will be considered too. An attractive and professionally presented business plan shows you pay attention to detail and care about the idea you are presenting. A badly-presented, incomplete, or carelessly prepared business plan sends the opposite message, with disastrous results.As a student you have written many academic research reports, but you probably have limited experience in creating a professional business document. As previously mentioned, one of the goals of this plan-writing assignment is for you to start to think, and write, like a professional businessperson. This lesson will help you with this transition from academic writing to business writing. The purpose of this lesson is to introduce some fundamentals of business writing in order to produce a plan that "reads right" and makes a positive impression.However, because this is not a business communications assignment and we can't tell you everything you should know about business writing in a short lesson, we conclude the lesson with a list of some resources you will find useful in learning to write like a professional.Introductory Sections of the e-Business PlanCover letter: Every well-written plan needs a well-written cover letter that introduces the plan to the person who will be reading it.

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