When I was inside the museum, I could not resist taking photos with some of the famous figures, like Elvis Presley (the Rock and Roll King), the Beatles (the famous English singing pop group in the 60′s), Michael Jackson (the famous moonwalker), Marilyn Monroe (the sexy and beautiful actress), Kylie Minogue (a famous Australian singer), John Wayne (the husky-voiced and macho cowboy hero), Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, and heads of states, like Bush, Tony Blair, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler.

During the Second World War, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler were mortal enemies

The whole Question is this: Are Lust and Hunger both alike Passions of physical Necessity, and the one equally with the other independent of the Reason, & the Will? Shame upon our Race, that there lives the Individual who dares even ask the Question!” Thus Coleridge annotated his copy of by Malthus, appalled by his claim that human beings are dominated by the need for sexual outlets as well as for physical sustenance. Coleridge’s is but one example of the obloquy that the Revd Thomas Malthus FRS (1776–1834) has attracted. Yet Malthus has intermittently attracted admirers – including Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace, H. G. Wells, John Maynard Keynes, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler. Now two outstanding scholars hail him independently as one of the great canonical thinkers who set an agenda that has permanent immediacy. Robert J. Mayhew’s speciality is historical geography and intellectual history; Alan Macfarlane is a social anthropologist and historian who has published widely on England, Nepal, Japan and China.

In 6B we are learning about WW2, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler

FDR, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler all fought World War II on speed We sometimes hear a well-known figure described as having charisma. What is this quality? One dictionary defines it as ‘the power to attract or influence people’. So understood, it can be applied to a wide range of individuals irrespective of their moral or spiritual state. During the Second World War the two most charismatic characters were Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler. They both held sway over millions.

Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler paintings: The art of war

On this somewhat cynical assessment of public opinion, Roberts seeks to explain the secrets of leadership by the parallel examination of the careers and personalities of Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler, to tease out how they secured this suspension of collective "common sense".

Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler are well known

What is clear is that the other Bolsheviks who brought Lenin to power was at least 85%-90% Jewish, and Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler were both in agreement that the USSR was the product of Jewish intrigue, power, and wealth, and that Bolshevism represented a world catastrophe engineered by International Jews who were engaged in the deconstruction of Christendom -- i.e., they wanted to destroy Western Civilization and culture.