Was Julius Caesar (the character in the play) a good leader?

Was Julius Caesar a good leader? This is a loaded question, kind of like asking, 'Is McDonald's good or bad?' You could say that the food tastes good, but it's bad for you! Julius Caesar is a controversial character from history; you could argue his leadership qualities and his impact on Rome for days.

Julius Caesar was a great Roman leader at the end of the Roman Republic

So back to the question: 'Was Julius Caesar a good leader? The short answer to the question is both yes and no. There were many things that Caesar did that made him a remarkable leader. On the other hand, many of his actions were questionable and upset his fellow Romans.

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These are central questions in Julius Caesar Looking back at the list of characteristics of being a great leader identified by the class at the beginning, students write an evaluative essay (see CAP Writing Handbook) on the topic "Was Julius Caesar a good leader for Rome?"

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Was Julius Caesar an effective leader