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Does Justice Scalia’s decision mean we must swallow our disgust with violent video games for kids? Well, maybe not. Two possibilities present themselves. The first was suggested in Nina Totenberg’s remarks the evening of his decision. Added together, she said, the Alito, Roberts, Breyer and Thomas opinions reduce the actual support for Scalia’s ruling from a strong 7-2 to a debatable 5-4. We can be heartened that the history of Supreme Court decisions is threaded with dissents that later become the bases for new law. Whether it comes from a court or an act of Congress, the wisdom of inflexibly applying legal economic theory to children can still be reconsidered.


What's so appalling about Blagojevich is the same thing that's kindof appealing about him. Whether it's school funding, health careprograms, flu shots, stem-cell research, pensions or an end to violentvideo games for kids, he acts like an ordinary, impulsive person: Hewants what he wants, he wants it now, and he doesn't let worries aboutthe future or the Constitution trouble him too deeply.

Supreme Court rejects law banning violent video games for kids

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Violent Video Games for Kids, "That's OK"--SCOTUS