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Suzanne Neufang served as ACTE President from January 2012 until December 2013, and now continues her support in a two-year term as a board director. In March 2015 she joined (Hotel Reservation Service) as VP-Americas to open HRS's US operations in New York City. In 2014 she led marketing and e-commerce at , a leader in small business software solutions. Prior to that, she gained a wealth of global travel experience in her 10 years at . Her roles there included President/General Manager at GetThere, and Vice President of Marketing and Products at Travelocity Corporate Solutions. She started her career in broadcasting before joining "corporate America" in a series of marketing and e-commerce roles at GTE/. She has degrees from the University of Hawaii and Minot State University.

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In conclusion, I searched a great deal for a contact person of value and authority. Even calling the Travelocity corporate office to if anything, ask if they knew or yet, incorporated themselves the policies and procedures in which the customer service representatives give Travelocity clients the runaround. I did not reach a human at all and I have no intention of wasting one more moment of frustration on them. Since Travelocity’s conception I have booked flights with them as a favorite. Never once using a person but booking the flights myself and evidentially I booked a decent amount because I’m supposed to be a VIP Client. And now, because of this sad lack of response and empathy, no matter how small or trivial the situation, I will not use Travelocity again. It must be nice for a company to be so secure in their productivity that they can lose future purchases for the amount of $142.00 dollars. I don’t suppose they have the benefit of feeling that deep pride that an ethical company knows about at the end of the day.

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Based in Southlake, Texas, Travelocity has offices throughout the U.S