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The members of this community also express their "transgenderness" in many different ways. ... One type of transgender person is a transsexual. ... Cross-dressers and transgenderists are also members of the transgender community. ... Drag kings and queens also make up another element of the transgender community. ... Because the transgender community exists outside the mainstream, research is limited. ...

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Free Transgender essay by Seth T. Pardo As transgender identities become increasingly visible, those who work with and those who love trans youth seek resources to understand what it means to grow up “trans.” With little to guide us, adults may fall back on outdated theories or confuse transgender and gay identities. This article offers an introduction to current research and theory behind transgender identity formation, and suggests a framework for understanding gender that moves beyond a rigid binary system. Part two of this series will focus on moving from risk to resilience with trans youth. Gender is one of the few characteristics we are conditioned to see as a binary construct; height, weight, IQ, and hair length, for example, are all perceived along continuums. Also, because Western society is deeply rooted in the notion that there are only two sexes, our language keeps us trapped in a binary discourse about gender. At birth we are named and identified by our external sexual (genital) features; soon after, we develop sexspecific behaviors or gender roles based on our social experiences as males and females. But sometimes a child demonstrates cross-gendered behaviors, or thinks s/he should have been born (or even is) the opposite sex. Cross-gender identification may be demonstrated by preferences for activities associated with the opposite Seth T. Pardo is a doctoral student working with Ritch C. Savin-Williams in the Department of Human Development at Cornell University. Seth’s work focuses on the conceptualizations, meanings, and expressions of transgender identities in late adolescence and adulthood. sex, such as choosing gender-nonconforming roles in fantasy play or wearing the clothing of the opposite sex. Transgender expression should not...

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Gender Roles and Their Impact on the Transgender Community