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First, theses online that discuss the same subject as the student's thesis may provide other ways of viewing the same research and may draw different conclusions from it. These different views of the same information may help the student identify weaknesses or flaws in the argument, and they may offer the student something against which to argue. This having something concrete to refute can be a powerful rhetorical tool.

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Writing a thesis statement online | Science and Ink Via the online education system, a student should be able to interact with other students through both asynchronous and synchronous collaboration. Asynchronous collaboration is a more traditional concept in Web-based communities, where users interact with each other through non-real-time forms of communication. Asynchronous collaboration is widespread today via online question and answer forums (e.g. bulletin boards) and email forms. Synchronous collaboration, on the other hand, is gaining more presence as real-time interaction becomes more crucial in the way people are using the Internet today. For our system, synchronous collaboration means students can interact with other students or the class instructor in real-time via a Web browser. A chat forum allows students to discuss an assignment with other students or ask a teaching assistant on duty to explain a concept. A Java-based white board program further enhances synchronous collaboration by allowing exchange of ideas using a real-time drawing program. Offering students the ability to communicate without being limited to the standard character set on a keyboard is especially useful for class material that involve more than just prose, such as complex equations, drawings, or algorithms.

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: For some years you mayneed to search the Online Catalog for a paper copy. The Illinois library should have at least onecopy of all dissertations deposited at Illinois prior to 2010. A non-circulating archival copy(prior to 2010) is held in the , but a circulating copy can often be located in other libraries. To beginsearching for dissertations, use the Advanced Search in our to search by author, title,subject or department.

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