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That doesn’t mean that psychology doesn’t saturate trough everything. And if you think of how in even what Rem Koolhaas calls “junk space” – just, you know, shopping centers – shopping centers are 100% built around psychology to get you to do more shopping. So what is the psychology of shopping? So if you are designing a shopping center, you may not be a world star famous architect, but you’re using psychology a lot. So you could say that much of the junk space around us – the places where we go shopping, or where we are buying food, or this, or that – these are to a large extent already saturated with certain prototype ideas about how we respond psychologically. So McDonalds has people who have understood the psychology of buying fast food and what the color repertoire is – the orange is supposed to sort of excite certain salivatory processes that are just biological production that gets you want to buy food.

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The Holidays Are Here! The Psychology of Impulse Buying 5. Understand the psychology. They understand the psychology of buying. Using their knowledge of how and why customers decide to buy they can ensure their sales conversation maps to the customer decision making process every step of way. This can help them effectively build rapport understand customer values and deal with any objections effectively.

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the psychology of buying stocks in a falling market is pretty much reactionary, just like today you wait for a big selloff and then step up and buy at lower prices, but as for leading the market no way. a rate hike pretty much cancels any chance of QE, and as long as there is a chance of QE tomorrow you can lever up the buyback machine today. so the bullish scenario is outright recession, which is about right for this bizarro market. so yeah i see a bid under this market, is it crash proof? no not if the economic data come in strong.

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When the model started catching on in the west, it came with a big side benefit: it broke down the price barrier for many consumers by setting a lower 'try it and see' threshold. A lot of people won't try your game if it costs $20 or $60 just to see if they like it. A 'free' game with in-game purchases is just a more granular way of pricing than a free demo that encourages you to buy a full price game after a level or two. I'm not sure why the psychology of buying games works as it does, but it's statistically true that you'll do better financially if you give away the game and allow people to basically buy it in small pieces than if you sell it in one large chunk. You can make more money buy getting a little bit from a very large number of customers than a lot from a small group.