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Had a wonderful time at the Convention held in . It's going on through Tuesday but I was only there for the one day. I dragged my big golf bag full of weapons with me, and my first event was at the panel, sponsored by the--they usually go by ALTAFF. It was a panel of five authors and each of us stood at the podium one at a time to talk for twelve minutes or so about us and our books. I brought my weapons up--you might call it the original power point demonstration--and told a story about hands-on research they won't soon forget.

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The special design of the power point charts for Leonardo sustainability learning programme allows universal application (also see explanation “interactivity” below). This Internet page provides the presentations as pdf-files. Teachers can obtain the original power point presentations from wfk institute or the other project partners.I noticed that if I create a power point, save and close it, then re-open I have problems adding a picture or notes if the original power point didn't have pictures or notes in it. supports editing Powerpoint presentations once imported into Captivate. Captivate achieves this by maintaining the original powerpoint presentation within the Captivate project. Whenever you need to edit, this original presentation is edited and then the new powerpoint slides are used to replace the existing backgrounds in Captivate. Captivate maintains this original presentation in two possible ways: