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Is there a better tourist attraction in Philly for 3 English majors, 2 of whom also happen to be English teachers? No. There's not. And not just because Edgar Allan Poe! But because FREE! We're teachers, we're poor!

I enjoyed this self guided tour, and I especially enjoyed the basement, which may or may not have inspired Poe's writing of The Black Cat. So cool.

Yes, the house is unfurnished. Seems like a some yelpers had a problem with that. I don't know, seems like it added to the Poe spookiness for me.

The tour also inspired me to download the Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe on my kindle, & that's also a good thing. Yay more reading!

"Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words": The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe

Most teens get a wad of cash when they graduate high school, and some of them do smart things with them. I, however, went the next day and bought 1) the ugliest flower shirt known to man, 2) The Whole Story on CD by Kate Bush and 3) The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe. I love Poe so much that when I found out I was pregnant with my first and second daughter, I wanted to name her Annabelle Lee. The Mr., however, had something against naming his daughters after dead girls in poetry. But this – right now – is a great time of year for all things Poe so I bring you books inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. (I wish I still had that ugly shirt and I would take a pic of me wearing it and holding my Poe anthology, but Poe was ruined in the great flood of 2011 and no one would still own that shirt.)

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Showing 1 – 30 of 1557 results for the complete works of edgar allan poe poe in All Products. Edgar Allen Poe was an American author, poet, editor, literary critic and considered as a part of American Romantic Movement. The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe comes with active table of content for easy navigation through all the books.

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