the body paragraphs of the thematic essay response

We also have to transition into the next body paragraph. Even though we’ve tied it all together in our thesis by listing the three points for the overall topic, you don’t want to just do one body paragraph and then,

Now  go write an effective, scintillating paragraph!3.4.1 DISCUSSION QUESTIONS--THE BODY PARAGRAPH

Use the body paragraphs of your paper to develop your argument. Some standardized assignments, such as AP tests, expect you to write three body paragraphs between your thesis paragraph and your conclusion. For most essays, however, you should use as many paragraphs as you need to express your ideas effectively. Each paragraph should develop a single, specific component of your argument. A paragraph should not explore two separate ideas unless it explicitly tells why they are related to each other.

Steps and Tips to writing the Body Paragraph

Now that you’re a bit more comfortable with the Introduction, let’s move on to the Body paragraphs. : Your essay's thesis states the idea, point, or theme to which all your paper's elements directly or indirectly connect. Putting the thesis at the end of the introduction sets it up for the body paragraphs to discuss.

How to write the body paragraphs

The body paragraph of an essay is where you have the soul of your essay. It is the paragraph where you discuss all your ideas and points of your essay in detail. You have to be detailed in your writing yet comprehensive. Talking about irrelevant things and using ‘filler’ words and sentences can really create a bad impact and you can lose considerable marks as well. All this requires you to research well on the topic and do not leave any loopholes. Make sure that you have gathered enough points and you do have a valid opinion on which you elaborate in the body paragraph of your essay.

Brainstorming the Body Paragraphs

Each main idea that you wrote down in your diagram or outline will become one of the body paragraphs. If you had three or four main ideas, you will have three or four body paragraphs.Should be your first idea. Back up your statements and have every question answered. Quotes, quotes, quotes! Start with your topic sentence. (repeat for other body paragraphs) and free associating can help you come up with ideas to support your thesis statement. After writing your thesis statement, take time to organize your thoughts. Jot down any ideas that come to mind regarding possible supporting statements for your thesis. You need to be able to back up your argument in a clear, well-organized manner. Write down whatever ideas come to mind – you don’t need to use them all, but it’s helpful to have a list of ideas to refer to when . At this point, you may also wish to come up with an outline to guide you during the rest of your essay, such as including specific ideas for the body paragraphs.The narrow purpose of a body paragraph is to make a particular idea orconcept clear and/or convincing for a reader. (In the context of a whole essay,the body paragraph also has the purpose of clarifying, supporting or reinforcingthe overall essay idea, but we're not going to worry about that now). Effectivebody paragraphs typically display the three qualities of unity, coherence,and adequate development.