Advertising: Texting While Driving Commercial

The prohibition is effective immediately. Truck and bus drivers who text while driving commercial vehicles may be subject to civil or criminal penalties of up to $2,750, the Department of Transportation said in a news release.

An AT&T Texting While Driving commercial as part of the

Pretty decent movie theater that's on par with other theater prices, but with a much nicer facility. Groupon deal makes it an even better deal.

I'm not gonna lie, I only come here with a Groupon in hand. Don't worry though, they find other ways to make my money, such as their pricey food. As with any theater, food is expensive, but at least for $9 you can get an adult beverage and not just a small Coke filled with 99% ice. Their Chicken Tender meal is pretty decent. I had mine tossed in a BBQ sauce once. Not too shabby. Go in on the 2 for $25 combo if you are with another person to save money. If not, get it anyways and relish on two dishes buffet style, you pig.

Visuals are decent and the sound is nice. I love hearing those no texting while driving commercials before the movie in surround sound.

Vela Riot - Anti-Texting While Driving Commercial

Toyota Teen Drivers Contest Texting While Driving Commercial

Anti-texting while driving commercials show horrific crashes

i got say, i love the new texting while driving commercials