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John had to go to work and I went to the barn determined to get some milk from Ellie for the calf. Here's what I learned about milking a Texas Longhorn cow:

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Texas longhorn cow painting by Kathy E. Walker. This was a fun painting. I loved using the shape of the canvas to accentuate the length of the horns. The folks at the gallery in Durango are from Texas. They specifically requested a Texas longhorn painting. More Texas longhorns to come...

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A Texas longhorn cow, the first cattle to set foot in North America and the only breed of cattle to evolve without human management, the Texas Longhorn can thrive in country where no other breed can live; subsist on weeds, cactus and brush; range days away from water; and stay fit and fertile whether its living in the scorching, parasite-infested tropics or in the arid, subzero winters of Montana.

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The entire operation of this longhorn cattle ranch has been designed and built with my own two hands. We are able to bring you exceptional Texas because I am involved with every aspect of the day to day operations twenty-four seven. I've been involved with livestock and cattle in some capacity all my life. I purchased my 1st Texas longhorn cow in 2003 and I have never looked back.