What is the most common breed of cattle in Texas - Answers

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How Climate Factors Influenced the Spatial Allocation and Returns to Texas Cattle Breeds.

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What is the most common breed of cattle in Texas

(2013) Influence of climate factors on spatial distribution of Texas cattle breeds
The ITLA held it’s first organizational meeting October 1989. The purpose of ITLA is the development, registration, and promotion of the Texas Longhorn breed of cattle. It is membership oriented, with members in every state and foreign countries. It was founded on a generous palette of membership services and an enormous appreciation for the great Texas Longhorn cattle breed.

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Texas Best Cattle Breed These cattle were the first in the New World. They are decendants of cattle lost by early Spanish explorers. The hardy, long lived Longhorns we see today are the result of survival of the fittest over almost 500 years. Longhorns almost became extinct early in the century with the introduction of the European breeds. Many people are afraid of Longhorns, but they are gentle, curious animals. They will take on any predator that they feel is threatening their babies. We ‘ve seen ours chase coyotes and wild pigs off our place.