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Is there anything cooler than Whether simple or complex, seeing 2D art jump from a page is pretty flipping awesome. Copenhagen based artist Husmitnavn is having loads of fun in his latest series. He folds, crumples, and tears paper to make simple, unique drawings that appear to come alive when viewed from the right angle. Check out more fun work by Huskmitnavn on

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One question that is often raised is: if an incentive scheme rewards relays for providing bandwidth, then won’t everyone just pick the same cheapest hosting provider and Tor will lose location diversity? This question is largely addressed in the discussion of what constitutes a useful service in the TEARS paper (the TEARS paper and appendices also gives useful commentary on many of the common problems and design decisions to make when designing an incentive scheme). Basically, it can be addressed in the monetary policy, e.g., in addition to rewarding relays for bandwidth, the bank could also assign weights that could be used to adjust the rewards based on certain flags that relays possess, or the geographic location in which they operate. This could be adjusted over time so that there would be a higher incentive to run relays in parts of the world where none exist, or to prefer exit relays over other positions, etc. Although, note that it is unclear exactly what the "correct" utility function should be and when/how it should be adjusted. Note that similarly rewards relays for location diversity ().

Handwriting without Tears Paper - Teachers Pay Teachers

Stock Footage of CU boy tears paper off present in front of christmas tree/UK. Scoring
0 - Unable to tear paper.
1 - Able to tear paper 2" or more only if tear is initiated by the evaluator or tears paper less than 2".
2 - Able to tear paper 2" or more. Must initiate and complete tear independently.

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Recycle it in your bin or cart: Double-bag in clear or translucent plastic bags. You can use shopping bags from the grocery store for small batches, or you can buy large ones at any office supply store. You can single-bag shreds in thick (2-3 mil) bags, which are available for purchase online. This is the ONLY recyclable item that should ever be placed in a plastic bag. The reason this can work is that our sorters are able to recognize plastic bags of shreds easily, and pluck them off the line. The old way of putting them in a paper bag is not effective in the new system, as the drum feeder tears paper bags open and the shreds go everywhere. Please do NOT place any other recyclables in plastic bags. These will end up in the trash.

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