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I get so mad/and uncomfortable when non black ppl say to stereotypical things to me. Like why? Because of my ethnicity, skin tone.. Etc your gonna generalize me like that? Without knowing me or who i am, u assuma i like banana's or im a terroists because im muslim or whatever. Stereotyping is racist

What is the difference between Stereotype and Racism - Stereotype is a simplified assumption about a group. Racism is the belief that certain races are better

writer Leslye Headland opened up recently about how she refused to plug racial stereotypes and racist jokes into her rewrite for the romantic comedy after a Black crew was cast.

Where/When did Stereotyping/Racism Start

Racism vs Stereotyping Racism and stereotyping are definitely different from each other. In general language or simple concept, the most important difference In the 1980's, Michael Reich developed the Segmentation Theory or the Divide and Rule, which attempted to explain racism from an economic point of view. In this theory, Reich proposes that the ultimate goal in society is to maximize profits. As a result, the exploiters will attempt to use any means to: (1) suppress higher wages among the exploited class, (2) weaken the bargaining power of the working class, often by attempting to split it along racial lines, (3) promote prejudices, (4) segregate the black community, (5) ensure that the elite benefit from the creation of stereotypes and racial prejudices against the black community.

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When a person is stereotyping someone or a group, they can discriminate someone for their race or ethnicity while verbally attacking the person. Stereotyping is when a person is attacking a person for their race or gender, or culture. Racism is when someone is attacking another because of their race. Usually, when someone is being racist, they would say stereotypical comments. Stereotyping and racism is found within society, especially when their a majority and minority group in which the majority is "superior" to the minority group (giving them "right" to be able to attack the person verbally or physically--which is not true, it isn't right).

Rethinking Racial Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination