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Standard Scientific Research and Essay is headed by Editors and Editorial Board Members. The Editors and Editorial Board is appointed by the Publication Committee of Standard Research Journals. Editors serve a 2 year-term and Editorial Board members also serve a 2 year-term. Board members are chosen based on the journal’s need for representation from a particular subject area in conjunction with the individual’s commitment to maintaining high journal standards as illustrated in objective and prompt reviews.

Another way to approach this scientific research essay would be to present ideas for and ideas against.

The Standard Scientific Research and Essay, SSRE is owned and published by Standard Research Journals. The mission is to significantly broaden the knowledge base of its readers and in this sense, the journal shall focus on only those papers that fall within its scope.

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Journal » Scientific research and essays. Locate articles and query publisher details. When the reviews are completed, a decision is made to either accept the paper or give the authors the opportunity to revise according to reviewers’ suggestions or to reject the paper based on the reviewers’ criticisms and the editors’ opinion of the paper. In some instances it is necessary to seek the opinion of other reviewers if further comment is necessary to make a final decision. When an editor has completed his decision on a manuscript, the decision letter and reviewers’ comments are sent to the author. Any questions or concerns regarding the editorial decision on any manuscript must be made directly to Standard Scientific Research and Essay editorial office. Revised manuscripts are evaluated to determine if the author (s) have adequately addressed and answered the critiques of the reviewers and editors. Depending upon this evaluation, manuscripts may be accepted, returned for further revision, or rejected. If a paper is accepted, the paper is immediately sent to the publication office and slotted for the next available issue. SSRE tries to complete the review cycle in two weeks. This time, however, may vary depending on the amount of revision work that needs to be completed before the manuscript is acceptable.

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6. Suping Zhou and Abraham Abraha. 2007. Response to heat stress in warm season and cool season turf grass cultivars. Scientific Research Essay. 2:095-100.

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