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I agree with Marianne and her statement that Winston is sane and becomes insane. Winston simply thinks differently than those that O'Brien has come in contact with. O'Brien describes Winston as a lunatic based on the fact that he is choosing to be a minority of one. Since our society was founded on the Bible, our society determines what is sane, appropriate, and moral based on the Bible as well as a natural law. I think that these things are also determined by your environment (i.e. home, school, extra-curricular activities) because everyone has a varying background. However, there is almost always a basic set of beliefs that everyone can agree on and from that a society builds.

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It is mentioned that reality is just what we tell each other it is. Sane and insane could easily switch places…if the insane were to become the majority. You would find yourself locked in a padded cell, wondering what happened to the world.

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Where an issue of voluntariness due to automatism arises (as to which, the accused bears an evidential burden of showing a reasonable possibility that the act was not willed: (1990) 50 A Crim R 1 at 3), consideration has to be given as to the aetiology of the automatism, since the manner in which the issue is left to the jury depends on the distinction drawn between sane and insane automatism. As to insane automatism, see [].

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Differentiating between sane and insane, on the theoretical level, is easy. Doing it in real life, and in your practice, is something I hope you learn well! Good luck, study hard!The inferences to be made from these matters are quite simple. Much as Zigler and Phillips have demonstrated that there is enormous overlap in the symptoms presented by patients who have been variously diagnosed [16], so there is enormous overlap in the behaviors of the sane and the insane. The sane are not "sane" all of the time. We lose our tempers "for no good reason." We are occasionally depressed or anxious, again for no good reason. And we may find it difficult to get along with one or another person -- again for no reason that we can specify. Similarly, the insane are not always insane. Indeed, it was the impression of the pseudopatients while living with them that they were sane for long periods of time -- that the bizarre behaviors upon which their diagnoses were allegedly predicated constituted only a small fraction of their total behavior. If it makes no sense to label ourselves permanently depressed on the basis of an occasional depression, then it takes better evidence than is presently available to label all patients insane or schizophrenic on the basis of bizarre behaviors or cognitions. It seems more useful, as Mischel [17] has pointed out, to limit our discussions to behaviors, the stimuli that provoke them, and their correlates.Having said that, there is no easy dividing line between sane and insane, and many people with psychological or psychiatric problems are within the range of normal. These things exist on a continuum of sorts.It is then we must draw the line between what is extreme belief and what is reasonable or normal questioning of the motives of government or the prevailing oligarchy.
Perceived public opinion, has been an agreed upon reality that is set primarily by social engineers that are found in places like the state department, and in news organizations that are owned by a few companies nationwide.
The standard of consensus belief is a very tricky subject to approach. There is a fine line between sane and insane.