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Recently, d’Oliveira & Associates has begun a public service campaign to help raise awareness of the risks of texting and driving. As part of this campaign, a fifteen-second public service announcement has been released, and a press release has been issued. Read the press release .

[…] the Risks of Texting and Driving or watch this short video I made about the three types of distraction that occur when texting […]

"It's hard to turn on the TV or open a newspaper or magazinewithout seeing something about the risks of texting and driving,"Fabiano says. "Because cell phones only have been around for awhile, this is a recent phenomenon. And only in the past five yearshave text messages and texting been something we all have on ourphones and in our pocket, so it's really a new distracter thatteens now entering the roadway are having.

Distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on America’s ..

By working as a family, we can spread the word about the risks of texting and driving Hermes indicates the opinion is on solid legal ground. “The risks of texting and driving are well known,” he says. The ruling strikes a “reasoned balance” between holding both the driver and the texter responsible for what happens when they try to communicate in a dangerous situation.

Study: Teens who text and drive take even more risks

Well, one reason that is not at work is the failure to appreciate the risks of texting and driving. In our research, younger drivers rate talking on the phone while driving as a risky behavior, and they rate texting and driving as a very risky behavior. But knowing these risks has little to no effect on whether they choose to engage in them. Interestingly, it is also not just general irresponsibility on the part of younger drivers. How do we know that? Because calls made while driving increase as the young drivers deem those calls to be "important" to make, while the texts they send are more frequently for goal-directed reasons, such as sending a status update, than to alleviate boredom or just to be social. ().

Digital Responsibility: The Risks of Texting While Driving

Using educational tools and statistics provided by the campaign, our BNV partners submitted proposals to host events in their local communities to engage and educate young people about the risks of texting and driving.When discussing the risks of texting and driving, this is the story I will share. It shows how none of us are invincible, because what many believe are a few harmless letters can alter our fate, prematurely ending our life and creating preventable sorrow for family and friends.