movement he supports to allow the terminally ill to commit suicide

On Saturday, 29-year-old terminally ill brain cancer patient Brittany Murphy ended her own life with medication prescribed by a doctor under the Oregon Death With Dignity Act. A bioethics expert discusses her case and how it's ignited a national conversation about the right to die movement.

Pope Francis attacked the right to die movement saying euthanasia is a 'sin'

Despite increasing media visibility and growing public support for euthanasia in the United States, the right to die movement has not, until now, received systematic sociological attention. In Come Lovely and Soothing Death, Fox, Kamakahi, and Capek trace the emergence from the 1930s, the evolution, and the contemporary activities of the movement, and explore the sociocultural circumstances that produce scenarios where individuals face criminal sanctions for engaging in active euthanasia ("assisted suicide")." "Come Lovely and Soothing Death is a valuable resource for scholars and students of sociology and social policy, and for anyone interested in the right to die, physician assisted suicide, or social movements.

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Pope Francis attacked the right to die movement saying euthanasia is a 'sin' Fox, Elaine, Jeffrey J. Kamakahi, and Stella M. Čapek. 1999. Come lovely and soothing death: the right to die movement in the United States. New York: Twayne Publishers.

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Dr Nitschke declared that ideally a doctor should not be a party to assisted suicide. “Why should it be the doctor who is made to feel like the executioner?” he asked, somewhat plaintively. “I am no murderer and my involvement in the right to die movement did not mean my own ethical and moral boundaries somehow didn’t matter anymore.”

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