Email Resignation Letters - Sample Letters

BTW: A former colleague really did cite in his resignation letter emailed to the entire freaking company. It was bad. Like, really uncomfortable. So unless you’re planning on leaving Earth with the entire dolphin population, please leave Douglas Adams out of your farewell letter.

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Sending a resignation letter by email is a way to let your employer know in advance that they should be expecting your formal . It is an act of courtesy and a polite way to make sure you leave your job on good terms.

Email Resignation Letter - Sample Letters

This is a sample of a resignation letter email that you might send to your employer before handing in your resignation formally, Download it for free. In this instance, your resignation letter email subject line should be concise and to the point, to ensure it is read immediately. Polite sample subject lines include: "Resignation: Name", "Notice of Resignation: Name", and "Resignation Announcement: Name."

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