HIST 1302 Research Project Outline Guidelines

In addition, during the first year’s spring semester, outbound SPANners fully delve into the process of research, namely, choosing and researching a desired topic, outlining the research statement, completing a “search of the literature” and preparing a research project outline. The expectation is this: prior to departure, the student researcher will have identified both host country experts and locations to visit to further answer the student’s individual research question.

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HIST 1301 Research Project Outline Guidelines

Research Project Subject Outline - SACE 2015 Each Math Research Project outline consists of a Seed Question, Questions to Build On, Extensions, and Basic Background. Click to see a list of available Math Research Project outlines.

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Research project outline: On Wednesday, we talked about moving the date for submitting your research project outline to Monday, Oct.12. After some thought, I have decided to move the date to Monday, Oct. 26. This is a significant change of dates that should allow you enough time to find references and think about how you want to write the paper. Please turn in a paper copy only (do not email it to me).

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