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Since 2005 our organization has already helped thousands of students with writing research papers on such Religious topics: Alternative Spirituality, Ancient History of Religion, Law and Religion, Mythology, Native Am. Religions, Rastafarianism, Religions in Canada, Religions in China, Religions in the US, Religious Movements, Women & Religion, Abrahamic religions, Indian religions, Iranian religions, East Asian religions, Folk religions, Prehistoric religion, Ancient religions, Prehistoric religion, Near East religion, Indo-European religion etc.

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Follow us. RESEARCH PAPERS ON RELIGION · DOCTORAL THESIS ON ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE CHANGE · DISSERTATION EXTENSION REQUESTS. Pappus Academic and Cultural Trust in collaboration with ABHAI (Association of Bharatanatyam Artistes of India) is conducting a ‘Natya Shastra Workshop’ in Chennai by Dr. Pappu Venugopala Rao. He is a member of Sangeet Natak Akademi and Secretary of the Madras Music Academy. He has authored 15 books, more than hundred research papers on religion, philosophy, music and dance.

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About me: expertise in religious architectures and art history. Excellent in selecting for each traveler or group the best itinerary for the time at their disposal.
Education: Graduation in Classics in Turin and Phd in Ancient Languages (Rome). Experienced and cultured in languages of India and contributed research papers on religion. Valued essayist, has lectured several times on language topics.
Experience: high level professional tour leader and estimated travel organizer for over two decades.

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I remember writing a research paper on religion in school. At first I found it hard to avoid making emotional decisions, even choosing the initial topic was tough. One of my tutors told me it is better to focus on something that is quite far away from what I believe, which really helped.