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I think it was quite justified for me to be curious about this situation, specifically why China's education system was seemingly so "elite" compared to our own. And given that this was such a hot topic, I decided to compile some information—statistics, data, analyses, and so on—to see if I could write a research paper on China's education system.

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ECRAN is currently collecting bids for a research paper on China's provincial leaders This week, I helped Henry pull together the outline and bibliography for his English research paper on China. In this case, helping meant assisting him to find his note cards (which were under his bed and no I do not know why or how they got there), high-fiving him for doing his own typing and then sending him to bed when he came and laid on the floor and moaned about how he was too tired to add the page numbers. And then, in the morning, I typed his bibliography for him because of course he forgot to save it the last time he typed it and honestly, I had too many other things to do to manage the panic attack he would certainly have if he’d had to type it himself at 7:00 am. Because in the end, helping Henry with schoolwork is all about picking the right battles — for him and for me.

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I am an International Studies major and am considering adding Anthropology as a major. I hope to write my capstone/final research paper on China-Nigerian relations with an anthropological and political science perspective. I would love to connect with you and learn more about your research.

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You might never have guessed it, but Shanghai is China's most canine-friendly city! According to a recent research paper on China's pet market, there are 700,000 officially registered pet dogs in Shanghai, 40 percent more than the number in Beijing.