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The goal of the program is to provide a solid foundation in the substantive scope, key concepts, theoretical perspectives, and research methods used in Sociology. The core training is complemented by elective courses that take advantage of specific , including globalization, population dynamics, the political economy of media and communication, educational sociology, cultural sociology, race/ethnicity, urban poverty and social exclusion, disabilities studies, the sociology of development, social movements and the sociology of migration and refugees.

This course is an introduction to social research methods used in sociology

Prerequisite, . The class provides students with the skills necessary to accomplish quantitative research methods used in Sociology. Students who take this class will learn quantitative data collection, analysis and reporting and the use of SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). Students will also develop an expanded understanding of statistics and its central connection to understanding and interpreting data. Specifically, students will learn when and how to apply correlation, Z-test, T-test, multiple regression, one-way and two-way analysis of variance, and chi-square. This class provides an in-depth focus on survey research, particularly focused on mail, internet and face-to-face surveys. Survey creation, sampling and analysis will also be covered. (Offered every semester.) 3 credits.

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This essay will discuss two research methods used in sociology as well as two research methods used .. Sociology and Anthropology both concentrate on the society and its evolution. Both share different approaches as well as have some similarities as well. This essay will discuss two research methods used in sociology as well as two research methods used in anthropology. The methods will then be compared and contrasted.

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As far as possible students use practical experiences to learn about the research methods used in Sociology such as conducting interviews, surveys, questionnaires and observations of their fellow students, staff, friends and family. Students were recently given the opportunity to interview journalist Stephen Starr about his experiences of war crimes while living in Syria and his recent book ‘Revolt in Syria, Eye-witness to the Uprising’.

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2. Outline, and describe, the basic research methods used in sociology and how sociological research differs from our common-sense understanding of life(3-0) Cr. 3. F.S. Prereq: ; ; or concurrent enrollment in
Introduction to the principal research methods used in sociology, including survey research, interviewing, content analysis, experiments, ethnographies, focus groups, historical analysis, and analysis of secondary data. Instruction on sampling and the principles of validity and reliability underlying quantitative and qualitative methods. Training in data analysis using statistical software packages.