Qualitative method is an indispensable research method in sociology

HELLEVIK, Ottar, Forskningsmetode i sosiologi og statsvitenskap (Research Method in Sociology and Political Science), Oslo, Universitetsforlaget, 1971, 384pp.

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SOC 207: Research Methods in Sociology (3 credits): This course introduces the methods of studying societies, human social interaction, and the rules and processes that bind and separate people as individuals and as members of various types of social groups. It covers: (1) a description of social inquiry, (2) the structure of social research, (3) four methods of data collection, and (4) basic methods of data analysis.

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National Seminar on Knowing the Social: Research Method in Sociology, organized by the Dept This course introduces students to Research Methods in Sociology. Sociologists aim to understand the social world through the scientific method. As such, the activity of sociological research consists of specific components and processes that have been standardized as the science has developed. Research is intended to build our understanding of the social world and/or to enhance the effectiveness of social programs and inform policy. This course is designed to provide an introduction to the rigorous process that sociologists pursue to achieve those goals.

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The purpose of this paper is to examine the formulation of social research method in Post-World War II Japanese family sociology from the epoch of its establishment. With regard to social research method in sociology in general, it is quite popular to distinguish between quantitative and qualitative method, mutually compensating each other, placing more importance on the former than on the latter. The same dichotomized distinction has spread widely in the field of family sociology up to now, too. In this paper, we try to demonstrate that such a dichotomized distinction between quantitative and qualitative method in Japanese family sociology has been brought into existence around 1960s when the Japanese family sociology has been formed as a normal science. The examination is done from both sides : family sociology of its own and sociology or social research method in general. And finally, we will roughly trace the path by which this dichotomized distinction has influenced on the development of family sociology since then.

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