In a reaction paper, the author discusses and responds to an article or articles s/he has read. The reaction paper requires you to understand the article(s), summarize its main points, show the relationship among the different readings (if it involves more than one article) and express your opinion. The opinion you express must be well-reasoned and based on a fair and accurate assessment of the articles. Your opinion should carefully weigh the arguments in the reading(s), evaluate the evidence and raise questions. The key to the reaction paper is the statement of your opinion or evaluation of the reading. Simply summarizing the reading is not sufficient, and would not meet the criteria for a reaction paper.

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I also googled "reaction paper format on movies" that gives several articles and examples.

Holden Caulfield,
Each of you will present two "reaction papers" to the class on dates selected from the schedule I will hand out in class. We will use your reaction papers to begin discussion of the work you have selected. You must hand each reaction paper in to me after you have read it to the class. Be sure to use the title of the literary work and the author's name in your title. Please put a date on the paper. Your response should be thoughtful and articulate; the more specific and thought-provoking you are, the more useful your reaction paper will be for generating discussion. Reaction papers should: 1) NOT be summaries, and 2) provide at least one question or "starting point" for discussion of the story. Your reaction paper presentation should be approximately ten minutes long; you should follow all of the rules for effective oral presentations (we will discuss these in class), and your grade will include an evaluation of your performance in the oral presentation.Suggestions:

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