Is Pres. Obama easing or stoking racial tension in America?

These facts are sobering in light of all the divisive talk of cultural separatism and resurgent ethnic pride in America. After the Los Angeles riots, it was common to hear pundits lament the deepening "racial divide" in the United States. Some wrote portentously about how the nation was splitting into two parts, one white and one black. There is a certain arrogance in these assertions for they always assume that whites and blacks are at the center of the racial equation. It's as though whites and blacks can imagine America only in terms of each other. The truth is that many of the racial tensions in America have nothing to do with blacks or whites. In some parts of L.A., for example, the worst gang violence involves Mexicans, Hmongs, and Koreans. In San Francisco high schools, the fight is between Filipinos and Samoans.

But anyway, ever since Obama got in office there's been such racial tension in america.. and such tension towards black consciousness

Filmed at The Lincoln Theatre in Washington, D.C., “Trevor Noah: Lost in Translation” brings Noah’s unique world-view and global analysis of American culture to the forefront. In the special, Noah addresses major domestic and international events of the past year, sharing his outlook on the world today, including terrorism, racial tensions in America and what it was like being African and travelling into the United States during the Ebola crisis.

A Message Regarding Racial Tensions in America

Sorry, racial tensions in America are worse now than when Barry and Imelda assumed the throne Electing a black president didn’t reduce racial tensions in America, because, for some, racial conflict is essential to gaining and maintaining political advantage.

Racial tensions in America have long been created a societal schism

is continuing to take to her Twitter account and talk about the racial tensions in America – and has even brought her opinion of into the mix.

Can a concert aim to ease racial tensions in America

Curtis is the child and Derek is the parent, particularly in his place of authority among the skinheads; in fact Derek has become of his own family since the death of his father; certainly Danny looks to him as a father figure—a disapproving father figure when it comes to blacks or those that are sympathetic to them. Aside from the fact that his Jewish heritage should be enough to irk Derek, Derek's mother Doris's quasi-boyfriend Murray is also chastised for "poisoning my family's dinner with your Jewish, nigger-loving, hippie bullshit." It is Murray's sympathy toward Rodney King and other purportedly disadvantaged blacks that sets Derek off and leads him to degrade Murray as a "nigger-lover." The Rodney King episode certainly brought much thought to the forefront of the American mindset, especially coupled with the O.J. Simpson trial; both elevated racial tensions in America to levels not seen since the height of the Civil Rights movement. The program, led by Charles Robinson, vice chancellor for diversity and community, Pearl Dowe, associate professor of political science, and Yvette Murphy-Erby, Fulbright College associate dean of social sciences, includes a series of events that will highlight racial tensions in America that were illustrated in the events of Baltimore, Maryland, and Ferguson, Missouri. All three scholars have backgrounds in diversity studies, making them experts on issues of race still prevalent in America.