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The saga of the hacked, or leaked, emails from University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) has gone on to become known, predictably, as ‘Climategate’. This release of thousands of emails and documents, sceptics argued, proved that climate science was fabricated and fraudulent, and showed scientists deliberately falsifying data. The release of the emails just days before the Copenhagen climate talks couldn’t have been worse timed, and they were dissected endlessly online, often by people with little understanding of the science, selected quotes being used to dismiss climate science in its entirety as a wicked scam (‘s one more lurid example of this). In this, the first book to look in depth at Climategate, Pearce offers a remarkably well balanced and up-to-date account of what really happened, what it all means and where climate science finds itself in the wake of the whole sorry saga.

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Anyone spending much time in the various newsgroups of Usenet on the Internet will frequently find quotes being used by a great many people trying to prove a great many things. One can also find hundreds, maybe thousands of quotes on various web sites. Two main problems exist with regards to these quotes. (1) Quotes can be extremely valuable, but they can also be very misleading. (2) Many, particularly those found on sites that are not governement or university affiliated, are not cited or not properly cited.

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This is a statement of fact. It would be possible to find a source that lists all of his books and stories, one that mentions that he was famous, and examples of his quotes being used. However, what I'm saying here is general knowledge, for the most part, even if I did doublecheck that he published a great deal (since off the top of my head, I could only list about ten books and a few short stories). I don't need to cite a source after this statement... unless I was using the exact words someone else used somewhere, which would be sad, since this is a statement easy enough to think up and write down on your own.

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Let these Quotes about Being Used help you to be objective about what has happened. Don't waste your energies on anger or hate. Learn a great life lesson, and move on to better times and better people.Your point is well taken, however I do run into situations where there are password schemes (say company name prefixes or the like) or quotes being used "tear down this wall!", "my kingdom for a horse!", etc...The biggest problem with the article, other than my quotes being used out of context, is that it totally misses the point, beginning with the headline "Admissions Website Renovation Will Drop 'Fearless.'" Admissions is not dropping Fearless. Most of what the reporter talks about is true, but in reference to the - not admissions marketing materials. This is because the homepage is designed for a much larger audience - alums, current students, faculty, etc. - many of whom are uncomfortable with Fearless, so we went in a more neutral direction. Admissions will retain Fearless in its marketing, however, at least for now.I think quotes can be used with students of almost any age. I have used them primarily with 3rd and 4th graders, but I can easily see many of the quotes being used with students as young as kindergarten. If someone reads the quote aloud to younger children, they can come up with very interesting interpretations. Whether or not the interpretations would sound logical to adults isn’t the point. The quotes are meant to be conversation starters, and they can start fascinating conversations with kids of various age groups.