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Regardless of the variations in definitions the main elements remain consistence. Quality is associated with specifications, standards, customers’ expectations, and the level of satisfaction. Quality is a concern that customers interpret when a positive or negative outlook about a service, knowledge, or product. Many elements can identify and determine quality for companies. Companies without superior expectations of quality will have unfavorable goods, service and products. Quality has been described as an issue that is involved in our everyday lives (Goetsch & David, 2010). Without quality individuals will be willing to accept or settle for anything in any condition. Standards would not be a factor because there would be none to adhere by. The highest quality is essential to achieve success in any business. To approach total quality companies need to enhance the competiveness by functioning to advance the quality of merchandise, goods, services, and experiences. The main elements of total quality consist of strategically based, customer focus, scientific approach, long-term commitment, continual process improvement, education and training, and freedom control. (Goetsch &David, 2010).

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