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Following the publication of our paper . . . we conducted a new study seeking to replicate our findings. This study produced a null result, but led us to formulate new hypotheses about a potential moderator of our previously documented effect (see for a detailed description of this failure to replicate and our subsequent hypotheses). We found preliminary support for these new hypotheses in re-analyses of our previously published data, and so moved on to conduct a new study (N = 209) to directly test our new theory. This study proved fruitful; a predicted interaction emerged in direct support of our hypotheses. All of these results can be found in “The impact of weather on women’s tendency to wear red or pink when at high risk for conception” . . . Of note, this paper and the Psych Science paper together report ALL data we have collected on this issue . . .

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Anyway, during my hunt for an undergraduate major, I realized writing was about the only hard work that I can get lost in without seeing the time pass. I never was a particularly engrossed student, but when I was given the freedom to write stories, I was able to get carried away in a way I never could with psych papers or math class. That work still felt like a duty to me. I reasoned that the most logical major to choose was the one that interested me most; even if a creative-writing degree hasn’t proved to be particularly practical, I haven’t regretted my choice yet.

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