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I would like to thank my colleagues at Florida International University, the University of Calgary Philosophy Department, and the political philosophy blog Public Reason for opportunities to present earlier drafts of this article and receive challenging questions and helpful suggestions. I am also very grateful for the comments I received from the editors and reviewers for The JPP.

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Where am I going with this? Well, over on the political philosophy blog there’s a contribution to a symposium on John Tomasi’s book Free Market Fairness by Deirdre McCloskey, that focuses not on Tomasi’s own arguments but on the critiques of others, specifically those that argue for the need for the state to play a role in policing the workings of capitalism.

…also funny how this so quickly became a political philosophy blog.

Political Philosophy Podcast Symposium, “Public Reason” Political Philosophy Blog, (2009) It’s true that exhortation and punishment impact human action. But that’s merely positive analysis. Considering we are posting on a political philosophy blog, my guess is that both of us are interested in the normative aspect of things. How exhortation and punishment ought to be used. How people ought to let exhortation and punishment impact their action. It seems difficult to have that normative conversation without believing (or acting as if we believe) that things could be otherwise.

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is assistant professor of philosophy at Florida State University. He works on a variety of topics in political philosophy. He is also the creator of the group political philosophy blog, . In the guest post, below, May explains why he thinks philosophers should sign the ““, declaring in light of their refusal to participate in or cooperate with the Philosophical Gourmet Report while it is under the control of Brian Leiter.

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