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Your paper may be flagged for plagiarism not because you copied it from somewhere, but because you tend to use some phrases which are commonplace, and such will get caught in any plagiarism program that your institution is using to check your papers. It is therefore because of this reason that you need to pay attention to the following ways through which you can check your paper for plagiarism and for free.

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is a free, online, plagiarism-checking tool. It can check your paper for any unintentional plagiarism for free. To use it, either enter your text manually or copy and paste it into the text box. After the plagiarism checker is finished checking your paper for any plagiarism, an automatic report will pop up. In it, there will be highlighted areas where some plagiarism might be as well as the percentage of plagiarism in your document.

It can check your paper for any unintentional plagiarism for free.

Christopher Paul Martin, eHow: How to Check My Paper for Plagiarism for Free We consider plagiarism is a serious issue, and we are committed to provide quality content to the readers and scientific community. All the authors are advised to check their manuscript's uniqueness to avoid accidental plagiarism. Here we are providing a link through which authors can check their manuscripts for detecting plagiarism for free (Authors can use this link before submitting their papers not only to us but also in any other journal.)

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This might come as a surprise to a lot of people but your tutor is one of the most viable sources from where you can check your research paper for plagiarism for free. There are so many reasons for this. First of all, just because your tutor has asked you to write the paper does not mean that they are not willing to help you get as much marks as you can.

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