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If such perspectives exist, how relevant are museums to keeping Philippine culture and history alive and well? Why should we visit our National Museum?

Philippine culture and history

DPSA is part of the digital inclusion advocacy of Smart, making information accessible to more and more Filipinos through mobile and Internet technologies. “Through DPSA, we encourage Pinoys to join the digital discussion by taking part in documenting Philippine culture and history for the entire world to appreciate,” said Public Affairs Group head Ramon Isberto. “With this project, we want to elevate Filipino pride and urge everyone to become local ambassadors of their hometowns.”

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Downloadable public domain Philippine culture and history books from the Kahimyang Project. The House of the Philippines is continually working with various community groups to develop educational and cultural programs to showcase Philippine culture and history through music dance and cottage displays.

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In 1993, a group of university students had a vision: to bring together individuals with a common purpose, and to find a medium in which they could display the rich heritage and history of the Philippines. And on this journey of cultural self discovery, the artists and individuals who compose the group have not only uncovered knowledge of their heritage, but have gained insight into the power of group work, dedication, passion and most importantly, truths about themselves and their identity. Since its humble beginnings, Kababayang Pilipino has grown, wowing its audiences with the cultural splendor and beauty of the Philippines through its presentation of the traditional folk arts forms of dance and music. Composed of over 40 performing artists and instrumentalists, this highly accomplished and critically acclaimed group has performed throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, California, and most recently in dance festivals in Belgium. Through the dedication and vision of its members, the group has grown into what it is today, which is an outstanding cultural performing arts group dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Philippine culture and history. Praised for "its desire to promote deeper understanding of the Filipino spirit", its performances not only display the finest in Philippine dance, but also serve to inspire its audiences to take pride in their heritage, whether or not it be a Filipino one.

Lovely museum of Chinese/Philippine culture and history