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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and for every cookie recipe posted by a blogger the OXO company is donating $100 dollars to Cookies for Kids Cancer. Every year OXO champions the Good Cookie Campaign for , all the donations go to the wonderful charity that helps fund pediatric cancer research.

National headquarters and product showroom for OXO housewares company.

An example of universal design in product design that advocates love to cite is the Oxo Company's "Good Grips" series of kitchen tools, which were designed to make them easier to use for people with arthritis or other problems limiting grip strength, but which have been found to be easier to use by virtually everyone. Good Grips have been marketed extensively to the public, not just people with arthritis.

This was published in 1922 by the OXO Company for a contest

The OXO Company has over 350 products, all based on the GoodGrips handle When illuminated advertising signs were strictly regulated, the Oxo company (makers of the famous beef stock cubes) imaginatively designed the windows of its Tower in the shapes of a circle, a cross and another circle. Which happened to spell out OXO across the city. Neat, eh?

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The first thing I learned was that there is no advertising of any description allowed along the Thames. I’d never thought about this before, but imagine how awful the riverside would look if it was covered with advertising hoardings. However, one ingenious company managed to get around this law. (There’s always one, isn’t there?). Around 1928, the Oxo Company took over a building originally built as a power station for the Post Office and rebuilt it in art deco style, for use as a cold store. A tower was constructed with four sets of three vertically-aligned windows, in the shapes of a circle, a cross and a circle. Co-incidence? I don’t think so.

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As you stare across the river at this bustling, stylish, multi-faceted venue, it’s hard to believe that this riverside warehouse was once a reprocessing plant for the Oxo Company, ripe for demolition only a few decades ago.

The Oxo Tower now stands out, loud and proud, flanked by two green open parks and the colourful Gabriel's Wharf, with a riverside walk guiding amblers up to its refurbished doors.

Visitors now come in their droves to explore the shops, restaurants, galleries, cafes and studios that populate this once barren area.

The best way to experience the Oxo Tower and Gabriel's Wharf is as part of a leisurely riverside walk along the South Bank; taking in The Tate Modern, The Globe Theatre and all the many pubs and sights that adorn the banks of the Thames.The Oxo company managed a huge promotional boost in 1908 by becoming an official caterer of the London Olympic Games. The fortifying beef drink was supplied to the event's runners.