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In the United States Neoclassical influenced architecture was associated with the virtues of Greek democracy and the Roman republic. As a result it became the favorite style for both American public and domestic buildings well into the 19th century—long after interest in Neoclassical painting had waned. Columns, triangular pediments, and rounded Roman domes abounded. Americans even painted their houses white to emulate the way they thought the marble of Greek temples was supposed to look.

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The high tide of neoclassicism in painting is exemplified in early paintings by and ' entire career. 's was painted in Rome and made a splash at the Paris Salon of 1785. Its central perspective is perpendicular to the picture plane, made more emphatic by the dim arcade behind, against which the heroic figures are disposed as in a frieze, with a hint of the artificial lighting and staging of opera, and the classical coloring of . In sculpture, the most familiar representatives are the Italian Antonio Canova, the Englishman John Flaxman and the Dane Bertel Thorvaldsen. The European neoclassical manner also took hold in the United States, where its prominence peaked somewhat later and is exemplified in the sculptures of William Henry Rinehart (1825-1874).

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All of our Neoclassicism paintings are 100% hand- painted by our professional artists Neoclassicism oil painting regards aesthetic in Renaissance as the guiding ideology, advocating antiquity, reason and nature, characterized by selecting a serious theme; pay attention to shape and integrity; emphasis on rational and emotional ignored; emphasized to the neglect of color sketches. The representatives of neoclassical paintings are and . Jacques Louis David is not only a distinguished French painter, but also a social activist of the French Revolution. He often choose ancient Greek, Roman history hero story as a theme for creation works. In the image-building, with ancient sculpture as a template, and strive to express the character of generality, the composition sought rigorous, balanced pursuit of the sketch over emphasis on color. Ingres is credited as an icon of cultural conservatism in 19th century France. He is known for his obsessive quest for ideal beauty which resulted in his famous anatomical distortions. He was a respected and was commissioned to do work for the royal family.

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Neoclassicism paintings originated in the eve of the French Revolution, the French bourgeoisie respected classical style, the implementation of the ancient Greek and Roman art language, style, subject matter, style, ancient satirical metaphor for reaching this goal. Due to the close relationship between the French Revolution, the classicism was given with new content, many artists break through the shackles of classical programs, create some practical significance of the work, which makes neo-classical often referred to "classical revolutionism".

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