What should I include in my Research Proposal

Is it ethical to send my research proposal to another professor (from the same university)? Knowing that I contacted him before and he only replied now asking me to send it to him.

That’s a lot to do. What should I do to get started on actually writing my research proposal?

The best part of the application process was all the support I received. On 'day one' at Berkeley, I was told that all incoming students are 'unofficially required' to apply for the NSF. I was also told that the Social/Personality area has had a very successful history of graduate students receiving the NSF. At that point, I thought I would soon join the portion that doesn't get funded. But at our weekly Social/Psychology graduate student meeting, I was paired with two prior winners who helped me tremendously with proofreading and editing. The department also kept a binder of essays by NSF winners: these successful essays were there for me to peruse as I pleased! How amazing. My advisor also gave me feedback on my research proposal, and suggested substantial revisions to it. I believe that I would not have received the award had I not adopted these suggestions. I was very lucky, indeed!

“Write My Research Proposal For Me”

My advisor also gave me feedback on my research proposal, and suggested substantial revisions to it ... Amazingly my Research Proposal was happily approved. I am now to write a paper on how Cultural Loss is a problem and it leads to Suicide. I know I've been talking a lot about Suicide a lot lately but I think I will continue to talk about to and try to help solve it somehow. I lost an uncle the other day...

□ My research proposal is attached

The application is completed online in the . Prior to accessing WebRAP, prospective applicants should read all pages of the Research Associateships website. Follow the instructions on and proceed to .

During the application process, you will need to enter information and upload certain documents. Uploads include a Statement of Previous Research, an abstract of the PhD dissertation (for postdoctoral applicants), a List of Publications, and a Research Proposal. Applicants are also responsible for providing Support Documents (Reference Reports and Transcripts, when applicable)

What should I include in my Research Proposal?
Your Research Proposal, written by you, must relate to a specific Research Opportunity at the sponsoring federal laboratory. Before writing a proposal you are advised to communicate directly with the prospective Research Adviser, who can provide more specific information on current research and available technical facilities and offer scientific support of proposal development. Guidelines for writing the Research Proposal can be found [here]/
Documents to be uploaded must be in PDF format in a standard typeface no smaller than 12-point font, 1” margin and double-spaced.

PhD Dissertation Abstract (Postdocs only) – maximum 1 page
Previous and Current Research – maximum 4 pages
List of Publications – maximum 2 pages
Research Proposal – maximum 10 pages

What should my research proposal say