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My coach at The Dissertation Coach helped demystify the dissertation experience for me. My coach has helped shift my perspective from viewing it as an overwhelming and anxiety-provoking process, to seeing it as a series of manageable tasks with a visible end (and reward) in sight! Working with my coach has also helped me develop valuable time/task management skills that will be of great help to me in my future professional and personal life.

What do I do when I’m about to defend my dissertation and graduate? (OSE PhD Program)

I ended up writing over 100 pages of my dissertation in the last 10 days and, surprisingly, except for the last three days, I was still living a normal life: fulfilling my teaching obligations, watching TV, having dinner with my friends, sleeping enough. This is what surprised me the most, because I always thought that the only way I was ever going to finish was to stop doing anything else! Kathryn taught me that it is better to take time off and work when I’m more productive than trying to work when I’m too tired. She also made me realize that I could get a lot of things done in 15-20 minutes. I still can’t believe all the stuff that got done with Kathryn’s help! And now my PhD is DONE!

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100% ORIGINALEvery  produced by Write My Professional Dissertation Service is an original work. I can say with 100% certainty that I would have quit had it not been for Dr. Bradley’s support and expertise. He was incredibly insightful about the inner workings of the academic world, and skillfully navigated me through the drama with patience and a cheerfulness that I was sorely lacking at the time. Furthermore, once the project was underway, Dr. Bradley was there for me every step of the way. He is a quality editor, a brilliant statistician, and thoroughly knowledgeable in every aspect of the dissertation process. He was always on time for appointments and quick to provide feedback despite his busy schedule. He respected my input, and worked with me to find solutions to my questions and concerns. He was also funny, warm and personable. From the start, I knew I was in the hands of a superior coach who was sincerely committed to my success. After successfully defending my dissertation, he was one of the first people I called to share the news. No revisions were required, and the committee told me it was the tightest dissertation they had seen in some time. I can’t recommend Dr. Bradley and The Dissertation Coach highly enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Over the past year I’ve worked with Laura Plybon, PhD on my dissertation. Her insight and wisdom regarding not only the research and statistics, but also the process was invaluable. By working with Laura at the beginning stages, she was able to help steer me in the right direction and save time in the long run. Her statistical knowledge and help was invaluable as it helped to alleviate a lot of concerns with that portion of my research. She was always friendly, professional, and timely with answering questions and making recommendations. I would highly recommend working with Laura as your dissertation consultant.

What do I do when I’m about to defend my dissertation and graduate