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(PDF file) Ronald Clarke and Marcus Felson argue that opportunity is a root cause of crime and illustrate how opportunity theories of crime assist thinking about crime prevention.
Article by Ronald Clarke. (Australian Crime Prevention Council)
Reorienting Crime Prevention Research and Policy: From the Causes of Criminality to the Context of Crime () () A research report advocating looking at the situations surrounding crime. (National Institute of Justice)
Links to research articles, government and organization web sites, and other sites.
A clear explanation of the rational choice theory and many links to articles. (Center for Problem Oriented Policing)
An outline of the school of criminology that holds that criminals act rationally. (John Hamlin)
(PDF file) A brief overview of what is known about the causes of crime. (Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, Australia)
An overview of recent research by Caitlin M. Jones, Rochester Institute of Technology.
Links to lecture notes on many different theories of crime. (MegaLinks in Criminal Justice)

"Profiling Serial Killers." MegaLinks in Criminal Justice. 2012. Web. 13 Apr. 2013.

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O'Connor, "Varieties of Suicidal Terrorism," MegaLinks in Criminal Justice,. Links on the biological causes of crime. (Cybrary)
Research reviews and information on the biological causes of criminal, violent, and psychopathic behavior. (Wacker Foundation)
This article argues that there is little possibility of a gene for criminal behavior. (Research in Review)
Good overview of the possible effects on crime of hormones, neurotransmitters, and drugs. (MegaLinks in Criminal Justice)

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A 1996 article reports that concentrating poverty breeds violence. Scroll down to find the article. (Population Today)
Report of a long-term study linking poverty to crime. (Ohio State Research)
Statistics, publications, history, FAQs, and other information. (U.S. Census Bureau)
Statistical table. (InfoPlease)
Overview of how poverty and inequality can influence crime rates. (MegaLinks in Criminal Justice)
Labor Markets, Employment, and Crime () () A research study. (National Institute of Justice)
A review of the book . (United Auto Workers)

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