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They launched an in-class oral history project called Malcolm X In The Classroom, where members would go into New York City classrooms and talk about this incredible legacy. They helped forge the New Afrikan Liberation Front, which established the closing down of businesses along 125th Street on May 19th, as an act of community self-determination in honor of Malcolm’s birthday. They produced a short video bio-montage on Malcolm called Taking It On. During that period, Baba Herman and Mama Iyaluua would also institute Nation Time newspaper! Initially, Nation Time was to be the voice of the New Afrikan Liberation Front. It would become the most consistently running news vehicle that the New Afrikan Independence Movement has ever had, having run for ten years! Later, they would also develop a Malcolm X Essay Contest for the schools as well.

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At the first meeting of the National Conference for New Politics in Chicago in September 1967, black delegates insisted that the conference adopt a resolution pledging total and unquestionable support to all wars of national liberation in Africa, Latin America, and, particularly, Vietnam. According to one reporter, "Negroes increasingly see Black Power as not confined to ghetto rebellions, but rather as part of a general fight of the oppressed against the oppressor all over the world." He cites several instances in which black leaders in the United States have met with leaders of revolutionary movements around the world…If you do not know how to write or do not want to write a Malcolm X essay yourself, you can order professional at our site. All essays are free of plagiarism and written from scratch.

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