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things. The interesting thing about them, is in most cases you cannot have one without the other. This website will explain the relationship between loyalty and betrayal as a literary device.

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Recently, I did a with the wonderful about the release of . Cara asked some wonderful questions, in particular about the themes of loyalty and betrayal that run through my books and why I chose the Napoleonic Wars as a setting for those stories. As often happens, those interview questions caused me to mull over things in my books. I've been thinking about it a lot in and around promoting , finishing my WIP, and getting ready for the annual Benefit (where I am with Mélanie above).

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Loyalty and Betrayal Time Serving Railway Employees General Union secretary Wang Hebo and Monitoring of the CPC Guangdong Committee , Yang Pao security on behalf of the five representatives of the party’s Fifth Congress proposed a motion to exclude all kinds of difficulties and interference , and finally the establishment of the first session of the Chinese Communist Party central monitoring Commission ( the predecessor of the central Commission for Discipline Inspection ). “Loyalty and betrayal in the real sense of story , full of vivid characters and write the first session of the Central Commission was established , ten monitors dedicated efforts to shape a glorious chapter in the performance of their duties for the party , first of the Central Commission Chairman Wang Hebo , the heroic image of Yang Pao , vice president of security , eulogize the Jijian of the older generation of party cadres unbending , upright, loyal to the revolution , the indomitable revolutionary spirit of the heroic.

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Are loyalty and betrayal mutually exclusive? To what and to whom do we owe fidelity and how and why do we pervert it? We will seek—and maybe answer—questions like these as we examine works from Shakespeare to Borges.

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