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The mention in the Codex Florentin of the vassals of Quetzalcoatl,that is to say of a kind of clan devoted to this divinity, implies theexistence of a division of opinion among the Mexicans. It is possibleto glimpse this dichotomy in the prayer addressed to the“good” Tezcatlipoca: “O lord of the war ... pity me;give me what I require as my sustenance, my strength, of thysweetness, thy fragrance.” (Sah. III).

Jared also emerged in “Alexander”, “Lord of the War”, and “27th Chapter”.

55. When the Final Battle breaks out and the Lord of the War establishes the Reality of the World of the Spirit, those of us who have died for the Spirit’s cause, will be Alive, ready to march out of the Universe of The One, passing over the Powers of Matter, while behind our backs the Final Holocaust of the Demons of the Soul breaks out.

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lord of the rings war in the north pc dvd The DC Universe is packed with powerful entities that could destroy worlds at a time, but none are as feared or brilliantly executed as Darkseid, Lord of the war planet Apokolips. The evil god has had quite a legacy crafted for himself since being created by Jack Kirby. Not too shabby for a character that first appeared in a Jimmy Olsen book, eh?

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