The Dystopian Society of Lord of the Flies

When I say anarchy, I'm talking about the lack of any defined rules governing behavior on the net, not chaos. I think people get mixed up with the definitions a lot of times. Anarchy does not necessarily mean chaos, must to the chagrin of my Liberal friends that always accuse Libertarians of wanting a Lord of the Flies society.

In Lord of the Flies society is actually structured upon such violence

Totally worth the price of a sleeper car just to wait in this vs The Lord of the Flies society in the regular boarding area. They do need a family though 4 kids.

The conch was the symbol of order and law in their society

We live in a Lord Of The Flies society now, where these kids pretty much rule Guess what happened? Did the country fall into a Lord of the Flies society where only the "bad guys" had guns and they turned the law abiding public into sitting ducks? Is Scotland today a land of total anarchy where the "bad guys" are holding the "good guys" hostage, raping and pillaging at will because nobody can defend themselves?

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Neither is this book for the faint of heart. Dalrymple's stories, particularly those about the abuse of children, can be brutal. Children need fathers, but when welfare destroys fatherhood by destroying the need for fathers, there is no one left to protect women and children. The neighborhoods where Dalrymple works have descended into a Lord of the Flies society where thugs and gangsters rule. The weak are little more than prey.

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