The longhorn cows are in a separate field from all the other cattle

Longhorn cows live to an unusually old age – and keep on breeding. Their hardiness and thriftiness together with their level lactation and ease of calving ensure that they do not place themselves under undue stress.

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Longhorn cows ancestry has roamed the States for hundreds of years, adapting quite successfully to new environments without help from man. Perhaps it is through the rigors of life that the Longhorn evolved into such an extraordinary form of cattle, hardy and adaptable. At one point, at the end of the Civil War, Longhorn cows and bulls were chosen to replace the demolished buffalo population in the Great Plains. As commercialism become a priority in some farming industries, however, faster-maturing cows were added to this population, and subsequent crossbreeding threatened the lines that we find so very valuable.

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6 Bred Corriente/Longhorn Cows, Bred to red corriente bull, start calving first of AprilPosted... Longhorn Females: Longhorn cows are good mothers, they are productive and protective. They milk well, raise a calf efficiently and breed back quickly. In recent years, Texas Longhorn Breeders have sought to enhance the reach of female lines through the process of embryo transfer. Many elite females have responded well to the technique and are helping to strengthen the breed's base of maternal genetics.


Longhorns are natural powerhouses, groomed for longevity through years of environmental rigors. This breed boasts strong teeth, excellent health and fertility, high resistance to disease, and sound body structure. Their adaptability to a wide range of climates makes them ideal for raising in a number of U.S. territories, perhaps accounting for the popularity of our Longhorn cows for sale in Texas. Bred with care, Longhorn cows and their male counterparts have the capabilities to sustain health for twenty or more years. This equates to the rancher's ability to keep a smaller herd while maintaining strength in the market through the annual birthing of calves.

Longhorn cows are fierce in the defense of their calves