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Now let's take a look at the Texas Longhorn Breed. The Texas Longhorn breed has a lot to offer the commercial cattleman but our association and we as breeders have done a poor job of getting the word out about the true value of our cattle. When you speak with most commercial cattlemen about Longhorns they are quick to turn up their noses or shack their heads and say "those scrubby little things are all horn and no meat, their worthless." We all know that is not the case but perception is reality and we have to change that as we move our breed forward in the years to come. Now is the time that we need to start making the "profit making genetics" of the Texas Longhorn known to the commercial cattlemen and ranchers. With the depopulation of the US cattle herd due to the severe drought which has plagued a large portion of the US's ranching land now is the time for our association to start educating cattlemen about the benefits of using Longhorn genetics as they rebuild their herds. Longhorns can offer cattlemen the most affordable and efficient way to rebuild their ranching operation.

The longhorn breed of cattle are the only breed that has evolved in North America

The English, in colonizing North America, brought their native cattle in 1623. As they moved west, so did their cattle, pulling wagons and plows and providing milk. Meanwhile, Mexico, California, Texas and what was then the Louisiana Purchase were witnessing the evolution of the history-making Texas Longhorn breed of cattle.

only Texana, but also western Americana-the Longhorn breed of cattle

Both Texas Longhorn breed associations have extensive show circuits spanning the entire country
The ITLA held it’s first organizational meeting October 1989. The purpose of ITLA is the development, registration, and promotion of the Texas Longhorn breed of cattle. It is membership oriented, with members in every state and foreign countries. It was founded on a generous palette of membership services and an enormous appreciation for the great Texas Longhorn cattle breed.

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Longhorns were brought by the Spanish via Mexico into Texas in the sixteenth century. After the Civil War (1861-65) there was an explosive increase in their population. Cattle intended for slaughter were driven slowly along the wide 'cattle trails', often taking two years to reach market in the more densely populated north east. In the extremely hard winter of 1885/86, up to 85% of the animals died in many areas. After the subsequent extremely dry summer and an unusually severe blizzard in January 1887, holdings completely collapsed and the importance of this breed was practically destroyed. In 1964, the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America was formed. At that time there were less than 1,500 head of genuine Texas Longhorn cattle in existence. The Texas Longhorn is the living symbol of the Old West.

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